"I would highly recommend Amy Malkan for your team.  She came in and facilitated a phenomenal workshop with our team helping them understand as project managers the importance of communication and seeing things outside of the box.  She is an amazing facilitator and presenter and I would highly recommend her."

-Latoshia Norwood, PMP,  Managing Partner at L'Renee & Associates.

Meet the Artist, Amy Malkan

Amy Malkan is a Visual Artist, Muralist, Author and Public Speaker.  As an International Artist and High Performance Facilitator she creates, designs and builds creative spaces all over the world.

She has taken her background of 15 years in sales, personal development and turned her artistic talents into a business.

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Public Art Murals


We have a unique approach to public art and civic spaces by including the audience in the design and production process.  The benefit of this method provides inclusion, appreciation and ownership of the artwork in the neighborhood. Our goal is to beautify one space at a time.

Fine Art

I create paintings with South Asian motifs like mandalas and henna patterns.  I enjoy painting portraits of women to create abstract paintings with a lot of different mediums and textures.  


Labyrinths are a powerful tool to practice meditation and mindfulness.  We create temporary and permanent labyrinth installations. 


"We were in the midst of finishing construction for Goldfish Swim School in Sugar Land and unfortunately due to COVID the franchise muralist who did the previous 100+ schools was not comfortable flying down from Michigan to Texas. I reached out to Amy Malkan to scope out the work and she did a phenomenal job, not only did she deliver to the franchise requirements but blew our wildest expectations with the final product. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

Tommy Philips, owner of Goldfish Swim School-Sugar Land, TX


As a full time Artist for the last 5 years, one of the main things that has helped my business grow is NETWORKING, NEIWORKING, NETWORKING!

I have over 15 years of sales experienced, I've done retail sales, managed services sales, cold calls, door to door, B2B, cold knocking, face to face, you name it, I have done it! 


As a sales person one of tools you use to grow the business is attending all kinds of networking events. I have decided to share my secrets of success with you all in this workbook.

Happy Networking!


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