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"What a beautiful soul Amy Malkan is. She is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to introduce her and her teachings to my wife to help empower her. I cant recommend her enough!"

Lloyd Nolan, President of Making Fathering Fun

"Amy exudes this presence. I am so excited to be working with Amy because I know for a fact that I am an artistic being and I cant wait for her to be able to help me see how I can take that artwork to empower my life and to start putting all that energy and all that awesomeness that I know I have out into the world.  One of the great things about meeting Amy is the fact that she has committed herself to making sure that I become the best that I can be. And I know that she's changing lives and changing a lot of people's destiny's."

Liza Mucheru Wisner, Founder of

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"She immediately inspired me with her energy, transparency, and authenticity.  She has a gift that she wants to share with other people and this is a woman who will truly transform you."

Rebecca Linder, Founder of Linder Global Events

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