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Artist Statement

Amy Malkan is a public artist, artrepreneur and community developer.


She is best known for her contemporary style infused with Indian and Asian motifs within her murals and art installations.  Her creativity and artistic approach are inspired by her travels to more than 28 countries around the globe. Malkan fundamentally believes that everyone deserves access and exposure to the arts. She strives to engage the public in the design and production of her public art projects. 


Over the past 5 years Malkan has facilitated the design, coordination and production over 30 public art projects across the Houston area and around the globe. These projects have been co-created with the involvement of over 10,000 area youth, artists and hundreds of community stakeholders. 


Through the process of community engagement, she has used art and creativity as tools to bridge new relationships between the general public and shared public spaces.  Through intensive, hands-on creative experiences, the public becomes an active participant in the creative process.  This approach provides a deep and meaningful sensation of stewardship to the final work.  This is how she views public art as a mechanism for community development.  

The designs, motifs and imagery, captured in her work, is a direct reflection of the communities and public spaces that the work is designed to serve.  This expands the style, social context and technique for the execution of her work into broad and diverse territory.  Each project is unique unto the community itself.  By placing the public in public art, she works to represent the culture, heritage, history and social context of communities and shared public spaces.  Her intention is to transform these environments into cultural and artistic destinations. 

In her personal time, Malkan is a mother, an avid runner, she enjoys having dance parties with her son, traveling and spending quality time with her family.


"Efficient and easy to work with. Able to bring the vision to reality perfectly. Beautiful work!"

-Letrice Mason, owner of the Essential Body Bar

Public Art Murals

Upcoming Murals


KHOU logo.png

 "From the conceptual phase on the design to the actual painting of the mural at our workspace, Amy made the experience positive and fun. She was very collaborative and solution-oriented whenever we ran into challenges (scheduling around our staff’s work hours, the need for low-fume paints, etc.) with the project. I highly recommend Amy to anyone who needs a creative and professional artist to help elevate your brand."

-Dale Lockett, Director of Programming and Community Marketing 

Private Murals

Logo Murals

Creative Team Building

Community Art

This community mural was design and painted by the kids from the local schools.  We wanted to showcase the magical world that reveals itself when reading a book.
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Thanks for submitting! Please expect a call within 24 hours to discuss the commission in further detail.  I am looking forward to co-creating with you! 

Cheers, Amy Malkan

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