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Fine Art

There are two parts to my fine art work, the first is the artwork I love to create that I see in my dreams or have visions for.  They are heavily influenced by my cultural background, Indian.  The other part of my fine art is co-creating with my clients to have a one of a kind piece in their home, office or collection.

"Amy is an amazing artist and from the minute we met, I knew she was going to bring my idea to life and give me an amazing piece of art.  I had full confidence in her, even though she had never painted a highland cow before.  To say I love my painting is an understatement! I'm already thinking about my next piece!"
-Lisa Mcmann


"Amy takes excellence to another level. She cares about bringing her clients vision to life. She takes any criticism given and improves IMMEDIATELY! I will definitely purchase again."
-Kisha Simmons

"Montrose Collective"


This blue tile street sign is iconic in certain parts of Houston. JLL Houston decided to recreate the sign to gift to their client, Montrose Collective.  I thought by adding a concrete border would add a realistic touch to the art sign. 

Get a Fine Art Quote

Thanks for submitting! Please expect a call within 24 hours to discuss the commission in further detail.  I am looking forward to co-creating with you! 

Cheers, Amy Malkan

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