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Happy Chinese New Year! _Year of the Pig

About Us


We specialize in 

  • Public Art

  • Fine Art 

  • Labyrinths 

  • Team Building


Founded by CEO, Amy Malkan.  



We specialize in community based murals, meaning we like to include the community in the design and/or production of the mural.  This creates a sense of ownership, community service and confidence






Malkan is known for infusing her Indian culture into her painting.  She enjoys co-creating with her clients when painting a commission.  




We enjoy creating a temporary or permanent labyrinth for a peaceful meditative walk.






We create and host an experience that is fun, memorable as well as instructive, educational and transformational.

Through our various trainings we provide corporate skill development training, group events, team building programs, executive and management training for any industry and group size.

We add value to any organization by bringing a background filled with personal development training, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

One of the aspects in the way we conduct training that is unique and attractive to our clients is we are adaptable to our client's needs, we can integrate the client's vernacular, culture and concepts into any program.

Any of the programs we offer can be customized or you can build your own program that suits your needs.  Either way we offer a very unique team building and development training compared to anything out in the market place.  By incorporating an element of creativity in the program we are

empowering, enlightening and engaging! 

"I attended a presentation Amy gave on Creative Team Building.  Even with all the years of experience I have in building a cohesive team, I learned a lot from Amy.  I will definitely be applying the new techniques I learned on my next project.  I highly recommend her as a speaker and her workshop to any company that wants to improve team performance." -Jeannette Waldie, CPP APMP Fellow,  Business Consultant at JK Waldie & Associates.

We can't wait to hear from you!
Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.
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