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Amy Malkan is the founder of The Malkan Group, LLC.  Amy is the primary lead artist in her murals as well as facilitator for team building, skill development, and corporate development training.  She is a strong, passionate and enthusiastic speaker. 


Amy has a very unique and eclectic background, a corporate sales background, an avid interest in the arts and an educational background in psychology. 


When transitioning from a corporate sales career into something more meaningful, she had the opportunity to do business development for a leadership development company.  With the tremendous amount of years of training and gaining perspective on the other side of selling professional development training she noticed there was one common denominator,  SUSTAINABILITY!

She recognized that she still had not fulfilled her purpose in life, which turned out to be art.  Amy enjoys creating murals for her clients, by beautifying the city one mural at a time.


Her art influenced her team building activities, a correlation with doing hands-on creative activities and the ability to comprehend and sustaining professional and personal development training.  The concepts become more tangible, easily applicable to everyday life and creates continuous motivation in all aspects of one's life.

Professional and personal development does not have to be boring and painful, it can be fun and creative.  Her goal with every participant that goes through her programs will  leave feeling motivated, inspired, empowered, positive and ultimately realize the only barrier in front of them is the one they created in their mind. 

Amy most enjoys creating her murals with the community with their participation in the design and/or the production of the mural.

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About Amy Malkan


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