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One Magic Trick that will change your life FOREVER!

I was on a date this one Sunday night and he decided to take me to a spoken word show, I was excited, it was something different! The poets were amazing, thought provoking and passionate, and then there was this one.

Wowza! Literally, the room's energy changed from laughter and joy to darkness and anger.

This female poet came on stage, at first she was speaking about how "Men are our Kings, our rock, our provider, etc. etc. etc.," and then like a light switch she went from sweet and complimentary to mean and angry. She talked about being played, hurt, mistreated and her chorus line was "Stay the F*@$ AWAY from ME!" Wow! Her two minute rant was angry, negative and filled with pain and hurt. She even had all the single scorn ladies repeating the chorus line with her.

Immediately, I wanted to get on stage and give her a big bear hug and share with her my magic trick that would turn all of that negativity into positivity and eventually aid her in finding her, her King!

So I am sure all of you are wondering what this magic trick, right??

Before I tell you this trick,

DISCLAIMER: First off, this magic trick is not for everyone. It is can only be performed by someone who is ready to live the life they want. You must believe when performing the trick and practice makes better!

The first time you perform this trick it might feel awkward or weird, but pretty soon it will become second nature and you will be doing this trick without realizing you are doing this trick.

SIDE EFFECTS: You will be more happy. Good things start happening. You get what you want every time. People will assume you just have good luck, but you know its because you have intentional thoughts. And the biggest effect, the negative, doubters and nay-sayers in your life will no longer want to be a part of your life. You will attract people who are positive, seek abundance, and are up lifters.

If you are ok with the disclaimer and side effects, then carry on.

***The first part of the magic trick is training your mind to focus on what YOU WANT!***

What you FOCUS on EXPANDS! It goes both ways, negative or positive.

So this poet, for example, is obviously single and was focused on the hurt and pain from her previous relationships. So what do you think she is going to keep running across in her life? Who is she going to keep attracting?

Yes! Men that are no good for her!

The moment she shifts her focus to accepting her past and not generalizing that all men are scumbags, that there is a special someone out there for her, she has now allowed for the possibility of meeting her King!


You see we have the ability to create our own world, our own reality, our own truth.

It's all about PERCEPTION.

When a situation occurs we literally have two choices in that moment, we can look at the situation as something bad or good.

***The second part of the trick is too look at every experience, situation, and event as good.***

If the situation is extreme or severe, accept it and then figure out what the good was later on. It doesn't serve us to wallow or have a pity party cause then we have immediately built an imaginary barrier blocking all the good that wants to come our way!

We are all self -fulfilling prophecies.

Have you ever been in a situation, where you thought something was going to happen, or a person was going to act a certain way and then it happens? If you happened to share your prediction ahead of time with someone, you would say something to the effect of, "I told you..." after it occurred, right?

Or another example.

You will always find what you are looking for. Say you go snooping through your significant other's property cause you believe he/she is cheating on you, most likely you will find some sort of evidence that supports your theory. Two things, maybe it was true or maybe it wasn't what you thought it was and now you made it into something?

It all has to do with the power of our mind. It's all about our choice in that moment in how we want to perceive the world we live in.

Goes back to what you focus on expands for you.

Let me tell you about the snowball effect.

So if you are focused on the bad, the negativity, then that is what you will keep attracting and receiving. It may start off small but then if you keep adding to that snowball of all the events, situations or experience that you perceive as bad, it will just get bigger and bigger. And you'll catch yourself saying things like, "I have bad luck." or "I always attract the wrong person." or "Bad things always happen to me." Wondering, how did I end up here?

Well the same goes for a creating a positive snowball effect. And you will catch yourself saying phrases like, "I have good luck," or "I always attract the right person." or "Good things always happen to me." Not wondering but knowing with certainty, how you ended up here.

Well, my date ended well. We talked, laughed and really enjoyed each other's company. I will tell you, I have been hurt, mistreated, and lied to in the past, but I am thankful to have looked at every situation as a lesson and kept my focus on the positive, knowing my King was out there. All because I was performing this magic trick on myself.

So whats the magic trick again?

***Focus on what YOU WANT!***


***To look at every experience, situation, and event as good and positive.***

P.S. I think this guy might be MY KING.

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