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How I became a Queen.

I remember when it finally clicked! My life changed and things just start happening! I realized I was already the Queen of my own Universe, but I finally embraced it.

It was one of those rare beautiful days we have here in Houston, the sun was out beaming and there was a light breeze as if the wind was talking to me. I was walking a labyrinth (not to be mistaken for a maze) and when I got the center, I had an ah uh moment, no matter how the path turned and twisted, I always got to the center! Always.

To walk the labyrinth is so simple, just follow the path and you get to the center.

BOOM! C'est la vie! Such is life. Right? If you stay on your path you will get to your center. Trusting you will be ok, no matter what!

Just trust the process.

Follow your own path and you will get to the center of you, your PURPOSE, your truth, your seat at the throne that has always been there.

We are continuously fed these messages,

*If you don't act now you'll lose it.

*If you wait the opportunity will pass you by.

*When you are sleeping there is another person waiting to take your place, etc.

I call BULLSHIT! It's a tactic to throw you off your path. It's meant to scare you.

These messages creates an environment of stress, chaos, competition, distrust in self and scarcity thinking. The complete opposite of what is really available to all of us.

Really, the opportunity that is out there that is meant for YOU, will always be there. Whether is takes you a year, five years, ten years or even 20 years, it is not going anywhere. The opportunity is just waiting for you to click and then for you to step fully into it so you can do your thing! What is meant for you is only meant for YOU! Your seat at the throne only fits you.

Once, we realize that we are going through a process that is getting us ready for us to fulfill our purpose, we are content, at peace and able to enjoy the journey. There is no competition in this environment, no feeling the fear of loss, or being stressed out because you feel you are supposed to be at a certain stage in your life.

This journey of life is just like walking a labyrinth, (which I encourage you all to do), just set your intention and walk, meditate, be grateful and then before you know it you made it to the center! Viola!

So the same goes for your life, don't rush, just keep being, keep learning, keep enjoying every moment, and before you know it you'll be at the center of your life, your purpose, your reason for existence, your TRUTH. Once you make the decision to take a seat on your throne, you will enjoy your journey.

Trust that through all the trials and tribulations, ups and downs, ebs and flows of life, you will be great! You will be successful! and You will be in your purpose my fellow Queen and Kings!

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