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I had no voice for 18 years!

So what is the point if I don't speak up? Is my voice really that important? Will I truly make a difference? I mean is anyone really listening?


People are always listening!

I was lucky enough to find my voice in college and I have been working on it ever since, It is definitely a work in progress.

So I took this picture at the Texas Women's Conference held in Austin, Texas this year. It was amazing! Over 7,000 women in one building, the energy was off the charts!

I was there all day and I had little ah uh moments throughout the day that I want to share with you.

I realized one thing that inspired this blog, if you didn't speak up, things just didn't happen magically. So there were several things that happened that led me to that statement.


I would not have had the opportunity to attend this conference had I not inquired about volunteering opportunities! I saw the ticket prices and knew that it was not in my budget at the time but I also knew I really, really, really wanted to go.

So I had three choices,

a) put the ticket on the credit card and deal with it later,

b)decide not to go

c)or figure an alternative way to get to this conference.

Obviously, I chose the later! After some phone calls and research I realized I could go as a volunteer. So that's what I did, I volunteered my time to help out and then I was able to attend the conference for free! Had I not figured out an alternative way to get there and not be afraid to ask if there was a way to go for free, this post might not even exist!


The conference schedule was absolutely jammed pack with amazing speakers, workshops, and activities so it was up to the individual to create their own schedule! Well I decided a little too late that I wanted to hear Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra speak.

When I got to the conference room, this lady standing in front of the door, informed me the room was completely packed and there wasn't standing room, I just told her I wanted to see the speaker and then leave. When I entered the room from the back, upon my first glance, the lady at the door was right! Every seat looked taken and there were women everywhere sitting on the floor. So I decided to look crazy and take my chance, I walked down the middle aisle to hopefully catch an empty seat. I knew nobody ever likes to sit in the front.

This chance paid off! I happened to see a seat open and I just asked if it was taken, so simple! Now I have some amazing golden nuggets from Mallika Chopra! I could have easily taken the lady's advice at the door that there wasn't any room, or decided not to walk up to the front because of what others might think of me and then I wouldn't have received some Chopra wisdom!

This is last one is a little silly but I want to share anyway!



I had the pleasure of listening to Diane Von Furstenburg speak! She is absolutely amazing and I finally got to hear your story about her life and how she invented the infamous wrap dress!

So after her speech she was hosting a book signing. I wanted a picture of her before I went on to the next workshop, but I didn't want to wait in line for an hour to see her up close.

So what did I do? I went to the side where Diane was seated signing books and just yelled out, "Diane! We LOVE YOU!!" I got a few laughs and most importantly I got a laugh out of Diane, a kiss blown my way and my picture! The funny thing was the lady next to me told me after, she was trying to get a picture of her and was contemplating on doing the same thing but she was scared.

I share all this to inspire YOU to speak up!

So if you ever doubt whether you should speak up because you are scared of what others might think of you, or you might get embarrassed, or the answer might be no.

What if you thought the complete opposite!?!?

What if I did speak up because it may educate someone who didn't know, it may give confidence for others to speak up who share the same opinion, the answer might be yes.

It is all about perspective. See the positive!

You have a unique voice and it deserves to be heard!


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